Chin and jawline fillers

A strong jawline is one of the important elements of an attractive face. A jaw shape harmonious with the face, a strong jawline, and a symmetrical look can help achieve a more balanced overall facial appearance. The most common chin and jaw deformities are volume deficiencies, improper chin size, jawline uncertainty, asymmetries, and sagging skin under the chin.

The patient may complain of the neck shape that is out of harmony with the face, excessively thin or large chin, or sagging and wrinkled skin in the under-chin area called the jowl. Uncertainty of the jawline or the dimple-like lines on the chin tip are among the most common but milder aesthetic complaints. A strong jawline symbolizes youth, vitality and charisma. A good jawbone structure can only be seen with the presence of a tight skin that does not have excess fat. Injection of chin or jawline fillers does not require anesthesia. However, if requested by the patient, the skin can be numbed under local anesthesia.

Chin and jawline fillers are applied with subcutaneous injections using small needles. A filling session takes about 15 minutes. With the right treatment plan, a pronounced jawline can be achieved, your structural features can be accentuated, and your face and jaw contours can be improved to a significant extent.

For what purposes are chin and jawline fillers applied?

Filling procedures can be performed to improve the appearance of the face by accentuating the cheekbones, chin lines, and jawlines.

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