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International Patient


You can get your free treatment plan by sending your expectations with pictures

After consultation according to the pictures, your package will be provided as all-inclusive by covering transfers between Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport-Hotel-Hospital, accommodation at suite rooms for 2 people with breakfast at Cevahir Hotel, surgery, medications and special garments according to your surgery type

After booking a date for your treatment, all you have to do is to purchase your flight ticket and deposit and send us the flight information for planning

At the arrival date, our driver will meet you at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport with your name card and take you to the hotel for check-in

At the surgery day, you will first have a consultation with your doctor and by this means, you can discuss your expectations and ask all your questions

After consultation, your medical tests and check-ups will be done and you will be ready for the surgery

After the surgery, you will stay at the hospital for 1 night and your check-out will be realized after the post operation doctor check-up

You will return your home approximately 4 days after the surgery

The remaining recovery days after the surgery, you can enjoy discovering one of the best cities in the world

After you go back to your country, we will stay in touch for observing your healing process and you can reach us 7/24

Patient Medical Information Chart

Please Fill In Completely

Name - Surname


Date of Birth

Your Address?

Your email address?

Your height in centimetres?

Your weight in kg?

Your blood type?

Have you ever given birth? If yes, which year?

Do you have any contagious diseases? If yes, please explain the details.

Have you ever been tested positive for Covid-19?

Past Medical History that needs mention?

Do you have any chronic diseases? If yes, please explain the details.

Do you use any medication daily or often? If yes,please explain the details.

Have you ever had any surgeries before? If yes, please write down what procedure and when it was

Do you have any allergies? If yes, please give details

Do you use contraceptives? (Birth contol method)

Do you smoke?

Do you use alcohol?

Do you drink energy drinks?

Do you use vitamin or food supplements?

Do you use soft or hard drugs? (Answering this questions honestly, has vital importance!)

Do you have psychological problem as anxiety or depression?

Have you or your family ever had difficulties with General Anesthetic?

Emergency contact person name and phone

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PROCESS FLOW: How is everything organized?

Before your arrival:

Please check our Patient Guide section from the website as soon as you book your surgery to start with the necessary preparations. Your patient coordinator will be in touch one week before your arrival to go over the details of the organization. Our driver will be in touch one day before your arrival to give you some instructions about your airport pick up.

Day 1: Arrival

You will be picked up from our driver in a private Mercedes Van and will be transferred to your hotel. We recommend to exchange some money into Turkish Lira and if necessary to do a PCR test before leaving the airport. You will need a negative PCR test which, on the day of the surgery is not older than 48 hours. This can be done at the airport upon landing or we can organize a nurse to come to your hotel. Please let us know in advance if you would need our help with this.

Day 2: Consultation Day

Our driver will pick you up from your hotel and bring you to our clinic. The exact appointment time will be given right on time. You will meet the doctor and our whole team. The doctor will examine you in detail and will consult you. For Rhinoplasty patients this includes also simulations of the nose. After your detailed consultation we will give you the consent forms of the surgery to be signed and we will also collect the surgery fee. You will get some last information about the surgery day, like the exact surgery time etc. so you can start fasting 8 hours before that. The driver will drop you back to your hotel.

Day 3: Surgery Day

You will pack your luggage and check out from the hotel (if you like, you can leave your luggage back at the luggage room and bring only a small bag to the hospital). The driver will pick you up and bring you to the hospital. Your patient coordinator will be waiting at the hospital when you arrive. We will start with your pre-operational check-ups and have another consultation with the doctor before you go down to the surgery room. You will spend the night at the hospital, if you have company with you, he/she will also stay in your room (there is a sleeping couch).

Day 4: Discharge Day

Your patient coordinator and the nurse will be visiting you in the morning to check you up and give you your medication and information about what to do after the surgery. You will get discharged and be driven back to your hotel.

Day 5-6: Aftercare

According your departure date, your last aftercare appointment will be scheduled to be done at our clinic. You will be picked-up and dropped back to your hotel. The doctor will check you up once more and give you all necessary information about your recovery.

Day 7: Departure

If you need a new PCR test for your departure flight this can be organized to be done one day before your departure at your hotel. You will be picked-up and dropped to the airport.

What To Bring With You?

Pack your luggage lightly, take only what is absolutely necessary, don’t forget that you will not be able to lift and carry heavy things after the surgery!

Bring soft, comfy clothes with you (you will have swellings after the surgery).

Front fastening tops and easy to slip in shoes without laces are advisable for almost every surgery.

For Rhinoplasty surgeries you can bring a hat to protect yourself from the sun (you will not be able to wear sunglasses).

For Blepharoplasty and Facelift surgeries you can bring large sunglasses to cover your eyes after the surgery.

For your hospital stay you will need a pair of slippers, button-up pyjamas or night gowns (for Liposuction surgeries you might need 2-3 night gowns. Due to leakage of the incision points they get dirty) and warm socks. After the surgery you will be walking on the hospital corridors, you can bring something like a bath robe to wear over your night gown.

Bring an universal adapter/charger for your phone, tablets or laptop.

Bring anti-bacterial wipes to clean up after surgery (you will not be able to take showers for 4 days)

Having books & magazines with you is advisable.

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How To Prepare For The Surgery

1 month before the surgery

Stop taking vitamins and food supplements.

Stop contraceptive pills

Don’t use any blood thinning medication like Aspirine®, Coraspine®

Reduce your smoking and drinking to a minimum

Try to stick with a healthy, balanced diet to prepare your body for the surgery.

2 weeks before the surgery

Quit smoking and drinking

If you are going to have a Rhinoplasty and have nose-fillers, get them dissolved now.

1 week before the surgery

Stop drinking herbal or green teas

Take off your piercings if they are located on the surgery area.

Don’t use any fake tan creams, don’t expose the surgery area to the sun.

Stop smoking and drinking completely

Surgery Day

Take a shower before you come to the hospital (you will not be able to take showers for 4 days)

Take off all metals from your body (piercings, jewelry-accessories, hair extensions etc)

Take off your eyelashes

Remove nail polish / gel nails.

Don’t wear any makeup

You will have to start fasting 8 hours before the surgery, also don’t drink water or don’t use chewing gums.

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