Especially in the summer months, people suffering from the underarm sweating problem have great difficulties both in their business and social lives. Some patients state that their clothes become impossible to wear 5 minutes after they are worn. The cause of this problem is not clearly understood but several treatment procedures are available. There are some daily temporary methods, but it can also be treated with botulinum toxin injection and surgical intervention. Daily temporary methods are both impractical and they are not adequately effective. In such a case, surgical intervention is an alternative method, but it carries some risks. Botulinum toxin injection on the other hand is both practical and effective, and it has almost no side effects.

Is Inhibition of Sweating Dangerous?

The main function of sweating in the human body is to regulate the body temperature. Sweat glands in the inguinal (groin) and axillary (armpit) regions start working after puberty and produce a foul-smelling secretion with the effect of hormones. Therefore, these glands play almost no role in the regulation of body temperature.


Excessive underarm sweating with botulinum toxin is a painless procedure that does not even require local anesthesia. It takes 10 minutes on average.

After The Application

Immediately after the application, the patient can return his or her normal life. The patient can take a shower a few hours after the application. Its effect lasts 6 months on average.

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