What to bring with you?

• Pack your luggage lightly, take only what is absolutely necessary, don’t forget that you will not be able to lift and carry heavy things after the surgery!

• Bring soft, comfy clothes with you (you will have swellings after the surgery).

• Front fastening tops and easy to slip in shoes without laces are advisable for almost every surgery.

• For Rhinoplasty surgeries you can bring a hat to protect yourself from the sun (you will not be able to wear sunglasses).

• For Blepharoplasty and Facelift surgeries you can bring large sunglasses to cover your eyes after the surgery.

• For your hospital stay you will need a pair of slippers, button-up pyjamas or night gowns (for Liposuction surgeries you might need 2-3 night gowns. Due to leakage of the incision points they get dirty) and warm socks. After the surgery you will be walking on the hospital corridors, you can bring something like a bath robe to wear over your night gown.

• Bring an universal adapter/charger for your phone, tablets or laptop.

• Bring anti-bacterial wipes to clean up after surgery (you will not be able to take showers for 4 days)

• Having books & magazines with you is advisable.