Thigh Lift

In cases where there is loosening and sagging that cannot be corrected by liposuction on the inner and anterior surface of the thigh, a thigh stretching operation is performed. In cases where sagging is mild or moderate, stretching is performed only with incisions made from the groin area. When sagging is advanced, stretching is performed both in the groin area and along the inner thigh. The biggest disadvantage of this operation is that it leaves scars. In the stretching operation performed only in the groin area, the scars usually remain inside the underwear. However, after the stretching operation performed on the inner thigh, traces remain along the inner surface of the thigh. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes an average of 2-3 hours. After the operation, 1 night of hospitalization is required and daily activities can be performed within 4-5 days. Dressing as described at home is recommended for 1 week. It is recommended to use a corset for 3 weeks. It is recommended to avoid activities that may strain the legs for 1 month.

What are deformities in the legs?

Common leg deformities; Excessive fat in the hip area, excessive fat and sagging in the inner and front of the thigh, collapses in the inner-middle parts of the thigh, regional excess fat in the knees, collapsed appearance in the lower-inner parts of the knee, weak inner parts of the calves and incomplete union of the knees and calves when the legs are combined. appears.

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