'PRP is your beauty elixir in your own blood'.

Dr. Caner Kaçmaz

General Information

Because PRP is derived entirely from the patient's own blood, it is the most natural procedure, and its side effects do not go beyond a slight redness. The cells called platelets in the blood are rich in growth factors. Blood is centrifuged in special tubes to separate the platelets, and the PRP is then injected into the skin and hair follicles. Its most common application areas are the face and scalp.

Before The Operation

Topical anesthetic creams are applied to the application area, and it takes a while for the drug to act. Meanwhile, approximately 10cc of blood is taken from the patient and it is placed into special tubes. After centrifugation of these tubes at certain cycles and times, 2 products are obtained: PRP and PPP.

Application Process

The resulting PRP is administered into the skin with very fine-tipped needles. The procedure takes 10 to 15 minutes on average.

After The Application

The redness of the skin usually disappear within 24 hours. The resultant brightness and tightness of the skin and narrowed pores can be noticed even in the early period after the application. Its effect on the scalp appears later. It is recommended to perform the procedure on the face in at least 3 sessions at 2 to 4-week intervals. In the hair area, it must be performed in 8 to 12 sessions at 2 to 4-week intervals.

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