Nose Filling

Nasal filling is a good alternative for people who are not satisfied with the shape of their nose but do not consider a surgical procedure. When applied to the appropriate people by an experienced physician, the results are quite successful. I think that this application should be done by a plastic surgery specialist, since both the anatomy of the nose and the filling applications are well-versed.

To Whom Can Nose Filling Be Applied?

Nasal filling can be applied to people who have a slight arch on the back of the nose, a slightly low nose tip, a slight curvature, and mild deformities.

Can Nose Filling Be Done to People Who Have Had Nose Surgery Before?

People who have undergone nose surgery and have some deformities in their noses have very successful results with nasal filling, and even the need for a new operation for revision purposes is mostly eliminated.

How is Nose Filling Application Made?

Before the application, photos of the person are taken and then a personalized planning is made. Filling application is made in accordance with this planning. The procedure takes up to 5 minutes under clinical conditions. Pain is almost nonexistent. A filling with a density suitable for the nose containing hyaluronic acid is used.

How Long Is the Permanence of Nose Filling?

The permanence of the nasal filling is on average 12-18 months.

Can Breathing Problem Be Corrected With Nose Filling?

With nasal filling, your breathing problem cannot be corrected, it is an application for the image only.

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