Lip Filler

When it comes to lip augmentation, shapeless, swollen-looking lips always come to mind. However, today, lip augmentation is in experienced hands; It is an application that is done to shape the lips and to provide the appropriate volume. Especially in women, make-up tricks are often used to highlight weak and curveless lips, but it is not possible to achieve a natural look. When the lips are shaped and voluminous, even makeup becomes more enjoyable.

Who Is Lip Filling Done?

People who have a weak and flat lip volume structurally, have volumetric asymmetry between the right and left sides of their lips, have incompatibility between the lower lip and the upper lip, or have weakened and flattened lips due to aging are suitable people for lip augmentation.

How is Lip Shape Determined While Filling Lips?

While shaping with lip augmentation, a path is followed in line with the person's current lip shape, lip volume and expectation. For example, a flat filling should not be applied to a person with a straight lip, because an attractive lip should have some curves. An application should be made to support this area in people with the corner of the mouth facing downwards. In people with weak lip contours, an application should be made to provide volume to this area.

Which Type of Filling Should Be Preferred for Lip Filling?

In lip fillings, we prefer 'hyaluronic acid' fillings, which is a substance that also fills our intercellular space in our body, in almost every patient. Many brands containing hyaluronic acid have fillers produced in different formulas. The degree of hardness of the filler used should be suitable for your lips. Hard fillings cause an unnatural and irregular appearance in a thin area such as the lips. In order to avoid a filling-related problem, always prefer your doctor to use an FDA-approved filling.

When is the Effect of Lip Filling Seen?

The effect of lip augmentation appears immediately. Slight edema may occur on the lip during the procedure, but the edema disappears after 2-3 days.

Is Lip Filling a Permanent Procedure?

Although the permanence time of the hyaluronic acid-containing fillers varies according to the filler used, the average time is about 1 year. Since the shape of the lips changes with aging, a permanent application is not preferred. Because an application that looks beautiful on your lips as it is today may not provide the look you want 10 years later.

Is Lip Filling a Painful Application?

Since the lip mucosa is thin, local anesthetic creams applied to the lips are absorbed very easily and the lips are the place where local anesthetic creams are almost most effective in the body. It is possible to apply lip augmentation in 4-5 minutes with almost no pain with local anesthetic creams applied 2-3 minutes before the procedure.

Is Lip Filling Application Performed With Fat Injection?

Since adipose tissue is not as thin as hyaluronic acid fillings, it is not possible to create thin folds on the lips with fat injection. In addition, it is not possible to predict how much of the injected fat will be permanent on the lips. Fat injection for the purpose of lip augmentation alone is rarely applied, but we prefer oil injection to increase the volume of the lips during the operation, mostly in people who have undergone another operation (especially liposuction) for any reason.

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Lines on the Lips with Lip Filling?

Especially in smokers and people who speak with a lot of facial expressions, vertical lines on the upper lip occur. It is possible to get rid of these lines with a thin filling application under these fine lines. In some cases, botulinum toxin application can be combined with filling application to slightly weaken the muscle activity in that area.

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