How to prepare for the surgery

1 month before the surgery

• Stop taking vitamins and food supplements.

• Stop contraceptive pills

• Don’t use any blood thinning medication like Aspirine®, Coraspine®

• Reduce your smoking and drinking to a minimum

• Try to stick with a healthy, balanced diet to prepare your body for the surgery.

2 weeks before the surgery

• Quit smoking and drinking

• If you are going to have a Rhinoplasty and have nose-fillers, get them dissolved now.

1 week before the surgery

• Stop drinking herbal or green teas

• Take off your piercings if they are located on the surgery area.

• Don’t use any fake tan creams, don’t expose the surgery area to the sun.

• Stop smoking and drinking completely

Surgery Day

• Take a shower before you come to the hospital (you will not be able to take showers for 4 days)

• Take off all metals from your body (piercings, jewelry-accessories, hair extensions etc)

• Take off your eyelashes

• Remove nail polish / gel nails.

• Don’t wear any makeup

• You will have to start fasting 8 hours before the surgery, also don’t drink water or don’t use chewing gums.