Genital Aesthetics

Reduction of Labia Minora (Labiaplasty)

'Reduction of the labia minora is the most common genital cosmetic surgery performed on the female genital area'.

Dr. Caner Kaçmaz

The labia minora remain inside the labia majora and they don’t protrude when the legs are together, but they may slightly protrude from the labia majora when the legs are open. Conditions where the labia minora are larger than normal and saggy (hypertrophy of the labia minora) may cause discomfort due to unwanted aesthetic appearance, hygiene and sex life.


Operations can be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the request of the person. Operations take 45 minutes on average. It does not require hospitalization. A special pad is used for the first postoperative week, and dressing with antibiotic pomade is recommended. It is not recommended to have sexual intercourse for a period of 3 weeks.

Can Labiaplasty Be Performed Onto Single Women or Those Who Have Not Given Birth?

Labiaplasty is a surgical operation performed only on the external genitalia. In this procedure, it does not matter whether the woman has given birth or whether she is planning to get pregnant again. In addition, labiaplasty does not cause any damage to the hymen.

Is Pregnancy And Vaginal Delivery Possible After Labiaplasty?

It is possible to get pregnant and give birth by vaginal delivery or cesarean section after the labiaplasty.

Does Labiaplasty Cause Loss Of Sensation?

Labiaplasty causes no loss of sensation.

Will It Be Noticeable That I Have Had Labiaplasty And Will It Leave Any Scar?

One month after the operation, it will not be noticeable whether the patient has had labiaplasty, and no visible scar will remain.

Can Vaginal Tightening Be Performed In Conjunction With Labiaplasty?

Vaginal tightening can be performed in conjunction with labiaplasty in the same surgical operation. Its postoperative recovery period is similar to that of labiaplasty.

Majoraplasty (Aesthetic Labia Majora Surgery)

The labia majora may sometimes be larger or smaller than normal. When the labia majora are larger than normal, they can be reduced by liposuction or certain surgical procedures, and when they are smaller than normal, they can be augmented by certain techniques such as fat injection.

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