Facial Filler Injections

Filler injections in the face area should not be performed so as to inflate the face, but to make some areas of the face look fuller and more prominent to obtain a more attractive appearance.
Weakness, sunken points, dimples and lines may develop in some parts of the face congenitally or due to aging. Weakness especially in the area from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial), the under-eye region, the cheekbone area, the area extending from the corners of the mouth to the chin, and the cheek area are the problems we encounter frequently, and it is possible to fill and reshape these areas with filler injections.

What Types Of Fillers Can Be Injected In The Facial Area?

The most commonly used fillers in the facial area are those containing 'hyaluronic acid', which is also available between the cells in our own body. It is available in different forms developed for applications in different parts of the face. It can be applied in clinic conditions with no need for anesthesia. Its effect lasts 6 to 18 months on average, depending on the brand used and the application area. Fat injection is another filler injection procedure performed for the purpose of filling certain areas in the face. Fat tissue as well can be safely applied to any area in the face. The biggest advantage is that it can be applied in desired amounts because it is our own tissue, and that it improves the skin quality in the application area because the adipose tissue contains plenty of stem cells. It is often performed under anesthesia. It can be performed alone or in conjunction with other procedures. Some portion of the injected fat is lost, but the amount of loss is unpredictable.


Lip fillers are applied with intent to reshape and volumize thin and flat lips.

Nasolabial folds

Fillers are applied in order to eliminate the deep lines extending from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth, which causes the patient to look older.

Under-eye region

Fillers applied to the under eye region provide refreshment in the application area and reduce the dark appearance in people who have under-eye bags and the resultant dark appearance under the eyes.


High cheekbones provide an attractive appearance to every woman and enable the face to look dynamic. For this reason, cheekbone filling is a procedure commonly preferred even at young ages, and it has very positive reflections on the face. It eliminates the round appearance of the face, accentuates the eye contour area, features the lips, and recovers the cheeks with its tightening effect.


Aging causes a decrease in the tissue of the cheeks, and fillers are applied to eliminate the resultant sunken appearance.

Chin tip

Fillers are applied in order to bring the chin tip forward in people with recessed lower jaw, or to round the chin tip in people with an excessively thin chin tip.

Glabellar lines (frown lines)

Fillers are applied to the glabellar lines that could not be eliminated despite the other interventions.

Marionette Lines

Fillers are also applied with intent to correct Marionette lines, which extend from the corners of the mouth to the chin, and cause the person to look older and sad.


It can also be performed to correct the shape of the nose in suitable people. Filling applications in the face area can be applied to only one area, or more impressive results can be obtained by applying them to the areas needed as a whole on the entire face.

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