Facial Fat Injection

Fat Injection = Easy+Safe+Effective

Fat injection is a very common procedure in recent years, which is performed alone or often in conjunction with other procedures. Its biggest advantage is that it poses no risk of allergic reaction because it is performed using tissues taken from the patient’s own body. Another important advantage is that it also increases the regeneration of the tissues in the application area, because the adipose tissue taken from the patient contains plenty of stem cells. After the liposuction procedure, I evaluate each of my patients for the need for injection of the removed fat into another area.

Is Fat Injection Performed Under Local or General Anesthesia?

Fat injection can be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the application area.

Which Areas of the Body Can Be Used As Donor Areas For Fat Removal?

Fat tissue can be taken from any part of the body where there is adequate amount of subcutaneous fat tissue, but it is usually be obtained from areas such as the abdomen, waist, and inner thighs.

Which Areas of Our Body Are Suitable For Fat Injection?

The areas where it is often performed:

Face: it can be performed to define the cheekbones, remove dark circles under eyes, fill the grooves on the edges of the lips, plump the lips, cheeks, jaw line, chin tip, temple area, and correct the thinness around the eye contour area. Breasts: it can be performed to partially increase the volumes of the breasts and remove asymmetries and deformities.
Buttocks: it can be performed to enlarge and reshape the buttocks and correct some deformities in the region.
Legs: it can be performed to correct the crooked leg deformity and thicken the legs in particular.

Is The Effect Of Fat Injection Permanent?

After fat injection, a certain amount of the injected fat tissue is lost (absorbed by the body). Although the amount of loss cannot be predicted, it is about 40 to 50% on average. Conditions such as smoking and pressure on the injection site may reduce the duration of the effect of fat injection.

Does Fat Injection Leave Any Scar?

Fat injection leaves no scar because it is performed through a hole that has a diameter equal to that of needles used to take blood from our arms.

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